Searching for a career abroad?

Are you looking for an opportunity to work abroad?  Many of us have noticed a popular trend of companies going global yet we find ourselves struggling to find the perfect career opportunity. Need help figuring out if you can survive abroad?

Check out a list of useful, FREE resources on on this site , this site includes numerous resources to help you with career search and planning like:

  • American Citizens helps US citizens working abroad with issues such as advocacy and education.
  • The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas this site offer various international career building website resources.
  • this site provides country career guides on 23 foreign countries and on some U.S. cities.

By researching free sites first you can avoid paying for subscription fees and save on your move. Start your career search here then continue searching on your desired countries employment avenues. Searching for a career abroad becomes simple once you have proper resources.



Source: Searching for a career abroad?


Before Attending International Conference or Trade Show


Today most companies send employees to international conferences and trade shows as a means of marketing products and gaining ideas. These are great places to expose an organization to send key people to meet others in your industry. Since you will represent your organization you should prepare for a conference carefully, before you atend:



Responsibilities at international conferences and trade shows very among: attendees, clients, company booth representatives that exhibit products or services, along with many speaker. Regardless of your role, you must prepare and not just show up and wait for new business opportunities. Get the most out of your participation in a conference, and make the most out of every potential business opportunity.

Create objectives

  • Need sales leads?
  • Introducing a new product?
  • Building new relationships with suppliers or distributors?

Knowing your goals will help you focus your attention and make the best of the time you invest. Remember to create objectives that match your company strategy. Opportunities at international conferences or tradeshows are endless!



Discover the benefits of business travel

“Don’t be afraid to create new experience while conducting business travel”

Business travel may seem like a hassle for many executives while a perk to others. Although everyone has their own opinion these are some of the great benefits business travel may offer:

  1. Earning Miles: airlines offer great business class traveler many perks to make you feel at home including a business class lounge with free food and drinks. You may also discover faster check-in options to help you save time. Research airlines separately to benefit from these perks.
  2. Meet New People: you will never be lonely at an airport. Networking or making new clients is easier when you are in airports. The majority of business travelers frequent the same airports you do, why not make new friends while you wait for a flight.
  3. Experience New Things: love trying new food? How about visiting museums? Or watching sports? Traveling for business gives you the opportunity to build new experiences along the way. Enjoy each new place you visit by trying things that are not available in your home office.

If your doubting an opportunity for business travel think again and remember these benefits and say, yes to these new opportunities.


How long does it take to adjust to life overseas?

romeIt’s evident that moving to a new country is never easy. When you move you leave your comfort zone behind, and begin experiencing a wide range of uncertainties and difficulties. New languages, new food, new people, new customs, different social etiquette like eating pizza with a fork, new transportation like train systems you must memorize in order to get around, and many names you can’t pronounce.

The list of things you have to learn once you arrive seems endless. Having a normal routine in a familiar environment seems impossible. Many can’t handle an international move and begin giving up in a few months. Through my personal experience after moving to France was that you need to give yourself six to nine months to truly start feeling comfortable in a new place.  Leaving any earlier is giving up.

Adapting to a new culture takes time, patience, and personal inner strength. Through this blog I hope to share my personal experience with those who are abroad, faraway, and thinking of giving up. Last year I found myself with an unexpected yet great opportunity to move to France. I accepted the offer knowing that it would lead to a great experience and career. To say that France was completely different from the United States is an understatement.  I had envisioned Paris, France to be comparable to New York City. Although, it did have similarities: gridlocked traffic, packed subway system, visible inequalities in wealth, and mixed cultures.

Feeling safe and secure and making friends took me about one month. Finally adapting and feeling accepted in a foreign culture took me six months. When the time came to return, I had fallen in love with France and I felt like I was leaving home. Give yourself enough time to adapt and learn to be patient, tolerant and accepting of differences.