Is it smart idea to work abroad?

5 steps to help you determine if starting a career abroad is right for you!


Have you ever thought about working abroad?  Although it may seem impossible companies are eager to hire foreigner as interns or permanent employees. During my final semesters at California State University San Marcos, I found the opportunity to gain experience working for a well-known European company. The idea seemed scary, challenging, and impossible. I thought to myself, “what’s the worse that can happen?”

Graduation is just around the corner and a degree in Global Business with an emphasis in Marketing with no foreign work experience would make it difficult for me to enter the job market. Most of the companies of interest to me are global which could provide me the opportunity to a move internationally.  This is the opportunity to leave the USA and develop my personal skills in a new country included many challenges.


These 5 steps will help you determine if starting a career abroad is right for you!

  1. Create a pros/cons list opportunity would open career doors. A list will help guide you in the right direction and help you determine if you are satisfied in your current position.
  2. What country suits your lifestyle? Do you speak or understand multiple languages?  You can find out by researching employment laws and lifestyles in other countries.
  3. After selecting countries of interest you must research the employment market. Is there companies of interest in those countries? Begin by creating list or looking on Linked In.
  4. After determining a country and industry to work in begin researching the application process, most countries require a work visa if you plan on staying more than 90-days. Make sure your passport is up to date and create a global resume tailored to your desired position.
  5. Once you know what your legal status is you may begin searching for employment. The visa process is lengthy in some countries or in certain industries. Take your time and prepare for what can happen next.

A career abroad doesn’t happen over night, it takes dedicated planning, networking, and intensive research. By analyzing your career options and planing you will be more prepared to engage in your new position.  I moved across the world alone to start an internship opportunity, everyday abroad was a learning experience that I will never forget. Adjusting to change in a new environment was not easy but I am ready to do it again.


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